Saturday, February 11, 2006

Corporate Censorship

I've noticed a couple of unrelated things the last little while. I had a little more time to think while my blog was out of order last week. I figured it's some socially conscience hacker(s) angry at Google for signing a deal with the government of China. Google owns Blogger. Google has agreed to filter websites the Chinese Government doesn't like in exchange for access to the Chinese market. "Tiananmen Square" might be an example. 33 million websites seems to be missing from the site if you search for "Tibet" would be another.

So what? Yahoo is just as guilty, outing Chinese dissidents. In case you didn't think this was such a bad thing, these guys are now spending serious time in jail for what we would consider mild freedom of speech issues.

All this because I noticed a Slate article that was missing a few key links to their parent company's competitors. I guess information isn't as free as we'd hoped. To hell with government censorship. Corporate censorship is doing just fine, thank-you.


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