Sunday, February 25, 2007

Restaurant Review -- Bavarian Inn

One Word Review: Yummy!

One Sentence Review: Worth the trip, especially if you like German food.

Karl & Darlene have been trying to get us out to dinner with them for the last six months. Between one thing and another, we only just made it out to the Bavarian Inn this past Friday. It was worth the wait, and lived up to the hype. Good thing, too, since I'd been thinking about schnitzel all day, and my mouth would start watering every time.

Now I know that "German cuisine", like "bagpipe music", seems an oxymoron to some. Then there are those of us who know better. My parents are German, and my mother was a cook of mythic status. Cathie knew that she'd been accepted into the family when Mom allowed her to stir the gravy one night. We'd been married for a year at that point.

I think my Mom's cooking was always good because she bought the best ingredients she could, and prepared it fresh. That's what this restaurant is like. I've been to many places that claim to be home-cooking, but this is the first place that tasted like home-cooking to me.

For an appetizer I ordered the Camembert in fillo pastry. The wild game menu was tempting, but I stuck to my original Jaegerschnitzel. Goulash, buffalo Rouladen, and beef tenderloin rounded out the table. Silence descended as each concentrated on our own plates, punctuated by the occasional primal grunt. If you want good quality food, dining, atmosphere, and a meal that actually fills you up, there is little better than this restaurant. None of this panty-waisted urban French cooking here. I surprised the servers aren't fatter, since they get to eat there each day.

Definitely going back. We'll have to find an excuse to drive out there soon.

Web Page: Bavarian Inn (includes phone number for reservations, directions, and menus)

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At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing as both you and Karl gave them a raving review, my wife Pam says we must check it out. So thanks Bernie. Nothing like great food in the great white north eh :)




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