Sunday, May 28, 2006

Next Project - LEDs or FM Transmitter

Now that I have my iPod recharger built, and retro-fitted a pair of ear-defender style headphones retro-fitted to keep the noise out of the office, I'm thinking about my next electronics project. I can either refit my motorcycle dash-board with LEDs, since I need to open it up to replace the burnt-out bulbs anyway. Or I can buy and FM transmitter kit to replace the the one that went mysterious missing recently. I would be using it to hook my iPod up to car stereo without having to rewiring the dashboard.

Alex (my eldest son) has been inspired to build his own battery pack for his PSP as well. He's even thinking it would be cool to make it a recharger at the same time, so he wouldn't even have to take the batteries out or carry around a seperate recharger, which I thought was pretty clever. He could even take it one step further, and recharge it off a USB port or cigarette lighter, to get trans-continental portability . . . hmmmm.


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