Thursday, May 25, 2006

Replacing Cordless Drill Batteries

I have the same complaint as the author of this article. The batteries in my cordless drill are useless. When I went to replace just the battery pack, they want to charge me 75% of the cost of the original drill, which was more than the low-end designed-by-Communists built-by-Chinese-prisoner-monkeys replacement.

Little did I realize what crap batteries they used, and now I feel ashamed for contibuting to their GDP & probably world pollution. (One of the reasons they can build things so cheaply, besides using prisoners and slave labour, is the total lack of environmental protection enforcement or even laws.) Currently I have to have the damn thing sitting in the recharger, because the charge disperses all by itself, usually in a matter of hours.

Never again.

Regardless, the batteries in my chordless drill suck, so knowing how to replace the cheap rechargeable batteries in your cordless drill with NiMH batteries is a good thing. They take longer to charge, but last twice as long in use. I've just changed the battery in my iPod, so this should be a snap.


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