Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Zero Noise Headphones for Cheap

If your office is anything like mine (cube farm, white-collar workers), sometimes things get noisy. Radios are always on, people are talking on the phone, laughing, having a meeting in the hallway, on a conference call, or worse all these things are happening at the same time. It's irratating, since we're supposed to be a technology company, which means most people should be spending their time "thinking".

I've never been able to afford a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Now apparently I don't have to: just take a pair of ear defenders (like I have five pair out in the garage for when I'm out at the rifle range), and mod them to put speakers inside.

Of course! One motorcyclist at work did a similar thing with his motorcylce helmut so he could listen to his iPod while riding. We had a long conversation in the middle of the office about how he'd gone about it...


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Karl Plesz said...

Just be thankful we have iPods. When I was a motorcycle-ridin' youngster, I had the ghetto blaster strapped to the back seat of my bike. I had a nice set of Sony headphones that disconnected from the headband. All I did was slide them up into my helmet - they fit quite nicely into the void of padding inside the helmet right at each ear. iPod would have made it so much easier. And no pulling over to change tapes!


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