Thursday, April 06, 2006

Finding Books

I was checking out a new (to me) used book store the other day, looking for woodworking & knitting books. Naturally those two categories are books that don't stay on the shelf very long. They tend to get passed down in wills and from hand-to-hand. The proprieter, and very nice man with a very nice dog, however, clued me into

It's a web-site that goes out and searches other book sites for you. Very useful if you're looking for the best price on a specific book, or you're looking for a rare book including first editions & signed copies (not my bag, but we've got a few down in our own library). I immediately went out and found Enchanted Knitting, a book I've been looking for for a while. Now I know I'm getting the best price.

BTW, at the next book store, I scored the now classic "A Cabinetmakers Notebook" for $12. Yess!!


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