Saturday, April 07, 2007

Restaurant Review -- Spice Hut

One Word Review: Yum

One Sentence Review: One of those hole-in-the-wall discoveries that you want to keep to yourself, 'cause if you tell your friends, they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends . . . and before you know it the neighbourhood is being bull-dozed for condos. It's a vicious dilemma.

We drove home from Banff last night, and nobody felt like cooking. So Cathie thought we should try out a little place called "Spice Hut". Now, we're both fans of Indian food. Even our eleven-year old likes to throw down a vindaloo once in a while (yes, we're odd -- you're point?)

For $23 we got a fantastic, fresh, hot, and authentic meal for four (three adults & one kid.) The 'plain' rice had saffron, the butter chicken and somosas were wonderful, and the nan bread was fresh & hot. I'm going to start dragging friends there for lunch, just as an excuse to go back. Hey, Karl -- watcha doin' Tuesday?

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