Sunday, October 15, 2006

Paddy O`Leary's Irish Pub Review

We went for drinks last week after work, and on the recommendation of my boss, we checked out Paddy's in the Beddington mall. It's a little north of the Beddington & Centre St. intersection, on the east side.

The place was fairly empty, despite the hockey game promotion. They were having problems with their sattilite, so the game was confined to the main bar. The waitress was new (they all seem to be these days), but friendly enough. Smoking is allowed, but it wasn't the usual "smokey" bar. They seem to have a good ventilation system. We had a pleasant little corner by the fireplace, and after the usual jug of beer we ordered some food. We ordered a plate of nachos and some calimari. This place used to be a pizza joint, so I know they have a good kitchen in the back. They've put it to good use. The nachos are as good as any other pub's, and the calimari was fresh and not chewy. Yeah!

The only disappointment was the lack of variety of beer. Lots of the usual domestics, so there were many different brands, but I was expecting some imports on tap. Especially since they're advertising themselves as and Irish pub.

Definately going back. It might even become a regular stop.

Update December 2006 - A caveat: If there's a hockey game on, they crank up the TV, and it becomes not so pleasant. Grr. So close.


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