Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Used Motorcule Buying Guide

I always get screwed buying transportation. It doesn't matter how hard I try, how much research I do, or how much time I take. I once bought a station wagon that had the transmission welded together. My wife drives a Windstar, because that year the Lemon Guide gave it a four star rating - the next year it was "not recommended" because they figured out it has a biodegradable transmission. (We're on its third transmission now. At least I was able to get the dealer to mostly pay for the first two.) The last vehicle I purchased had a crack in the gas tank, and when I had it replaced, Canadian Tire put the wrong size in so now my gas gauge never reads more than three quarters full. Their solution? For another $500, we'll replace the pump & gauge. No thanks. I would have prefered you did a proper vehicle inspection in the first place, like you were paid to do. Bastards, but I'm not bitter.

If I don't get screwed by a seller, I'll screw myself. Changing the oil on my motorcycle last year, I left off a small but critical o-ring from inside the oil pan (I found it at the bottom of the used oil a month later when I went to clean up the garage), which necessitated an expensive cam-shaft replacement. Doh! Lessons learned: the Clyson Guide isn't alway right, and dispose of your oil immediately after changing it so as to discover any leftover parts.

When I go to upgrade my bike, I'll be taking this guide along.

p.s. I tried to find the "crappy tire" website, but it seems that rather than dealing with their obvious customer service & quality issues, yet another corporation has decided it's more cost effective to silence critics using lawyers. Bastards, but I'm not bitter.


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