Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Backlog (1) Back in the Box

Cleaning out the reading from my gmail account - this looks like an interesting book that I came across on my Boing Boing RSS feed: "Get Back In the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out". The premise can be surmised as "stop screwing around and start thinking for yourself", which I heartily agree with in principle. Boing Boing is providing excerpts, the first one of which can be found HERE.


I used to spend my time in grade six math class using my graph paper to draw mazes for other kids in my class. They could usually solve them fairly quickly, but it was a good way for a geeky kid to not get hassled. Who's gonna keep you amused in class if that guy that draws mazes is mad at you?


Inspired by a friend at work, Karl, and his blog Whitenoise, I've decided to start my own blog. I know it's not as sexy as an RSS feed or anything. Basically I'll park all the stuff that makes me snort or that I need to park until I have time to read it here. I'll have to keep it fairly whitebread, because I'm sure eventually one of my Scouts will find it. Oh well.