Saturday, June 16, 2007

Restaurant Review -- Chianti's on 32nd

One Word Review: Meh

One Sentence Review: Popular, cheap, good service, and the bread was good.

I went to Chianti's for lunch with some people from work the other day, and was hopeful from when we sat down that it would be a good meal. I mean, the bread was warm, & the olive oil was ready to go. The server was cheerful and attentive, and the menu looked good. I ordered myself some calamari (my test for food -- if it's chewy & overcooked, then they don't know what they're doing.)

The appetizers came quickly, and the calamari was up to par. The batter was a bit heavy handed, but it was cooked right. Then we waited.

And waited. And waited. When my spaghetti carbonara did arrive the pasta was overcooked, and it certainly wasn't dry as ordered. I left most it on my plate. Maybe I ate too much of the bread, but I didn't eat that much. The rest of my group was enjoying their meal, so methinks I just got the random short end of a busy lunch-time cook's stick. Still, I got the feeling that I was in a successful, popular restaurant that had settled into a routine. What I saw was the result of lack of attention.

To the servers credit, she noticed my lack of appetite and followed up by finding out what was wrong and credited us the meal. I just wish she hadn't done it quite so loudly.



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