Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Linux Installed

So I've spent the last week installing the Mepis version of Linux. It wasn't really that bad. I backed everthing up, so that when the install blew away my Windows partition (which it wasn't supposed but did anyway), I wasn't really that upset. The only two things I'm missing are iTunes, which I can run from work if I want to listen to my podcasts, and Picassa, for managing my 7000+ digital pictures. Which they're working on with f-Spot, but it's only available on a Gnome desktop, not KDE. So I need to learn to compile and install KimDaba from the source code. It will be a good exercise. I'm short of geek-credits this month anyway.

No more viruses, no more mysterious crashes, no more pop-up windows. I think it's a more than fair trade.


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