Friday, December 02, 2005

Tying Things Up

Go figure. I spent last weekend at camp with my Scout Troop building a monkey bridge, and then I find this: South African Scout Pioneering Resources. I especially like the way the Japanese square lashing and Filipino diagonal lashing doesn't need a clove hitch to get started. Then again, everybody in my troop now knows how to do a clove hitch, which isn't a bad thing. Now, if I could just find somebody that's actually built an hourglass tower and pick their brains on contruction details, that would be great. Do you build it on the ground, and then stand it up? If so, how do ensure it is square & true before you raise the tower? Do you build a crane before you build the tower in order to get it off the ground?

See the rest of weekend's pics here. There was a fire ban on all weekend, despite the snow Sunday morning.


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